The sale has continued all year and now most of the fragrance oils have gone, but you can continue to buy Silkmagik exclusives and many other wonderful fragrances from the lovely Louise Clarke at Oasis Oils, based in Wales.

The same high quality oils from the same fragrance house.

This website is slowly changing and you will find that The Naughty Mug Co remains and has new mugs ordered for 2021 – there are a selection of handmade cards – and there will be other gifts along the way.

Silkmagik is still very much going strong and the soaps are the mainstay of the business. I have another couple of pages and The Snuggly Viking etsy shop where you will see the wool creations from myself and my best friend based in the South of France.

Also on Facebook – Chaos Creations and Vintage Clothing, and Sheepy Hollow Wools which also has it’s own website.

I do hope you will continue to visit me and my creations as the time comes to spend more time on what feeds the soul.

Blessings to you all – I hope you have a wonderful 2021 and that this dreadful virus disappears as quickly as it arrived.