Blue Cosmetic Dye


Blue Cosmetic Dye

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One of the primary colours, this Blue dye is food grade, dissolvable in water and is suitable for bath and body products, bath bombs, soaps and other wash off body products.

Add before the fragrance oil in bombs and mix all dry ingredients first.

Colour can darken with the addition of fragrance oils and will depend on the oil.  Can be mixed with other colours to make your own shades.

FD &C Blue No.1 Powder

EU Food Number: E133

Colour Index Name: Food Blue 2, Acid Blue 9

Colour Index Number: 42090

CAS Number:  3844-45-9

EC Number:  223-339-8

This dye is in accordance with the following regulations

FDA: CFR 21 Part 82 (FDA = US Food & Drug Administration)
EU Directive 94/36/EC
EU Directive 95/45/EC

These regulations specify areas in which colours may be applied, restrictions on their application and dosage.

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