Crystal Sugar Whip 12.5 KG


12.5 KG Crystal Sugar Whip

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A luxuriant foaming soap base from Stephenson’s, the absolute market leader in soap bases, SLS free and super easy to use.

This base can be whipped up for many cosmetic uses, facial and bath washes, and can be either used straight from the tub or whipped up, coloured, scented and turned into something unique to you!

  • a creamy body wash base which can be whipped up to produce an ice cream style base
  • paraben and MPG (monopropylene glycol) free
  • can be whipped as it is straight out of the tub, or melted like a soap base and left to set
  • use it for body scrubs, shower body wash or even a shaving soap – why not add some Conditioning Additive to it.
  • pH 8.0-9.0
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • you can create amazing results with it from frosted icing to snowmen or whipped fancy tops for your soaps.
  • beat it to double it in size using a domestic mixer or whisk but make sure it is soft before you start
  • make a sugar scrub by adding up to 60% household sugar or when the base is saturated and no more sugar can be added
  • use a tub or jar for packaging where you can easily get your hands in to scoop it out
  • add other exfoliants such as poppy seeds or oatmeal for added texture
  • add a carrier oil such as Golden Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil to make it even more moisturising – be careful to add in small amounts.

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