Devilgate (Hellstone * Type) Fragrance Oil


Devilgate (Hellstone * Type ) Fragrance Oil

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Devilgate Fragrance oil, suitable for bath and body products, candles and melts.

Reminiscent of the fragrance by Lush – Hellstone – with similar notes.

“Thick and fiery, this scent is inspired by unearthed tree roots and freshly turned earth. The essence of Hellstone is captured in heavy joboba and beeswax, anointing the skin with a sensual, warm undertone. The scent of newly turned earth and roots ripped from deep burial into fiery air are represented by vetivert and cumin. Invokes images of lightning, thunder and ravaged, smoking landscapes. Darkly powerful and eternal.”

The name Hellstone is taken from a monolithic group of stones in Dorset and that is the image I have chosen to represent the scent.

This is part of the Halloween/Autumn Range and is a very distinctive, rich and powerful fragrance, with lots of deep history to its notes.

Made in the UK Exclusively for Silkmagik Oils.  Do not use directly on the skin.

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