SLS Free Clear Wash Shampoo Base


SLS Free Shampoo Base



Healthy SLS free shampoo base, suitable for normal to dry hair.  It can be used as it is or, subject to safe recipes, you may add colour or fragrance.  A super platform for create your own unique product, this base will take essential oils and fragrance oils well, it leaves your hair feeling clean and healthy.

With the added bonus of no sodium laureth sulfate or parabens anywhere within the ingredients. Tip: shampoo base can have quite a thick consistency making it hard to pour or blend oils with, heating for a short period in a suitable container in the microwave will make it a lot more manageable. Note: only ever add oils you are sure are safe to use in the bath and to the correct dilution.  All of my fragrance oils are skin and body safe.

Sent out in heavy PET bottles with a secure lid and a shower friendly lid also!  MSDS info available on request.

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250ml, 500ml, 1000ml